With TypeFast™ you’ll receive a revolutionary, easy to use, patented typing system that’s guaranteed to improve your speed and accuracy, help you get more work done, and increase your overall job marketability.

In an age when typing, word processing and keyboarding are widespread, would it surprise you to know that people with decent typing skills are an exceptional and valuable commodity?

Companies are continuing to pay a premium for superior typing skills. In fact, studies show that with enhanced typing, employees earn up to 5.7% more money than those without typing skills and that Human Resource managers perceive a rapid-fire typist as a rare gem.

Isn’t it time that you invested in yourself?

By increasing your typing skills you will…

• Get your work done faster
• Perform your tasks more efficiently
• Increase your overall marketability
• Expand your job opportunities
• Increase your worth

Although a mere 40 wpm (words per minute) will land you an administrative job, for most businesses, an employee with exceptional typing skills means higher productivity, fewer mistakes and faster completion times.

In today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford not to have good typing skills. But where do you begin?


The more you type, the faster and more accurate you will become. But there is a catch! You also need to incorporate solid typing techniques and muscle memory.

For example, if you are a hunt and peck typist it takes a great deal of extra effort and added strain to type effectively. Most hunt and peck typists would be lucky to reach 20 wpm. The more your eyes leave the page the slower your results will be. As your head bobs up and down to find your keys and your place, with each and every glance, you waste a few seconds of valuable time.

If you were typing a 1200 word article (1 ½ pages) at 20 wpm it would take you one entire hour to complete the typing. If your speed improved to 40 wpm it would save you half the time and only take 30 minutes. With continual practice you can easily work up to 60 wpm, at which point the article would take you a remarkable 20 minutes to complete. Sound enticing?

The funny thing is that by today’s standards 60 wpm is generally at the high end of the scale. Twenty years or so ago, it was quite common to see typists reach 120 wpm. And most employers still remember that exceptional speed, even if you don’t.

Your first step would be to determine your current typing speed and if there is room for improvement.

What would you do with an extra 3 weeks a year?

Secretaries can save 3 weeks of production time just by increasing their typing speed by 10 WPM.

Imagine the time you’d save by increasing your typing speed!

Your work productivity would certainly improve, but also think about all the typing that is not job related? Everything today involves typing, word processing or keyboarding!

With better skills you’ll save so much time...

• Email faster
• Chat more effectively
• Improve your game playing
• Browse the Internet quicker

Well, you have a few options…

Our TypeFast™ System was developed for those who are seriously interested in improving their typing skills – THE RIGHT WAY!

This breakthrough typing system helps people of all ages and typing levels. So whether you’re a working professional looking to upgrade your skills, a nine-year-old child that needs to navigate the Internet, or even a computer challenged grandparent ready to expand your skills, the TypeFast™ System will be ideal for you.

This incredible typing system can be yours for a special Internet offer of only $29.95. (40% savings from the normal $49.95 price tag.)


Imagine if you could…

• Get your work done faster
• Perform your tasks more efficiently
• Increase your overall marketability
• Expand your job opportunities
• Increase your worth

What would some added income mean to your family? How would you and your boss feel about your improved skills and enhanced performance? How much easier would your everyday tasks be to accomplish?

With the TypeFast™ System there is absolutely no risk! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results.

Make a decision to invest in yourself!

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